How to Plant Water Iris in a Pond (Care & Grow Guide)

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how to plant water iris in a pond

Water Iris, sometimes referred to as Rabbit's Ear Iris, is a semi-aquatic plant that will add beauty and color to your backyard pond!

If you are creating an ornamental wildlife pond, then this is the perfect addition to it! This marginal plant will make an excellent transition from the edge of your pond to the landscaping around it (where they even prevent erosion).

In addition to this, water irises help remove toxins and keep pond water clean and clear. And if you're worried about your fish eating them, you'll be happy to hear that they typically tend to avoid them!

Louisiana Iris Bog Pond Plant

Louisiana Iris Bog Pond Plant

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Water Iris (Iris Laevigata) Quick Look

Scientific Name

Iris Laevigata

Common Names

Rabbit ear iris

Plant Type

Marginal pond plant/bog plant

Light Requirements

Full to partial sun

Hardiness Zones

USDA Zone 5 - 9


May through July

Grow Up To

24 inches

Flower Color

Whte, blue

How to Plant Water Iris in a Pond

Water Iris should be planted in a one-gallon or larger container with a rich sandy/soil mix and placed in your pond marginal area with around 3" of water covering the pot. Fertilize the plants once a month throughout Summer.

Water Iris Care Guide

Water Iris is fairly low maintenance as long as it gets ample sunlight, preferably the more mild morning sunlight and afternoon shade.

It does thrive best with regular applications of aquatic fertilizer during the Summer months.

Regularly trim any dead foliage, making sure to properly discard any clippings away from the water, so they don't decompose in your pond and potentially cause water quality issues.

Tip: Regularly inspect your Water Iris plants for bugs and pests. You may have to manually or chemically control these pests to prevent them from infesting your colony of plants.

In Fall, simply cut off any dead foliage and trim the plant to 1-2 inches above the water line. Water Iris will overwinter just fine in your pond. In Spring, the plants will begin growing again.

Louisiana Iris Bog Pond Plant

Louisiana Iris Bog Pond Plant

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Water Iris Care Card

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Plus, we provide a blank card for you to print and fill out yourself. Print it as many times as you like to create cards for all your plants!

Water Iris Care Card

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Water Iris Plant FAQs

How deep can Water Iris be planted?

Water iris is considered a bog pond plant that thrives in the boggy or marginal areas of a pond. It should be planted in an aquatic planter and submerged under 3 inches (7.5 cm) of water.

Does Water Iris need soil?

Water Iris prefers to be planted in a sandy/soil mixture and placed in the boggy area of a pond.

Is Water Iris edible?

Water iris is not an edible plant, even in those cases where it is dried and cooked. It can be used topically to treat ailments, but it should not be consumed in any way.