41 Unique Koi Pond Ideas & Designs (With Pictures)

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A koi pond is a beautiful water feature that helps liven up any space, whether that be your back yard, front yard, or even an indoor area.

And when it comes to designing your own koi pond oasis, you're only limited by your imagination and budget.

So, let's get those creative juices flowing with these 41 koi pond ideas and designs with pictures! There are ideas for every size, feature, and budget!

Let's jump right in.

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Backyard Koi Pond Ideas

Let's start with a few ideas for your backyard.

A koi pond is so much more than just a body of water to add color and life to your yard. It can be an entire focal point that you design around.

So get creative when thinking about how you want your own backyard pond to look!

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Koi Pond Waterfall Ideas

Who says a koi pond has to be still?

A waterfall can add the perfect touch of movement and sound. Plus, waterfalls help aerate the pond, meaning they add vital oxygen your koi fish will need to survive.

And they help keep the water moving, which reduces algae and the chances of mosquitoes laying eggs in your outdoor pond or water garden.

So, check out these koi pond ideas with a waterfall for some quick inspiration!

Koi Pond Fountain Ideas

Like a waterfall, fountains are another way to add movement and style to your garden pond.

Pond fountains come in different sizes and features, for example, different spray patterns and even lights.

And don't be afraid to look past traditional-style fountains. Water spilling over the top of a rock feature or vase also adds an element of relaxation and helps circulate water in your outdoor koi pond.

Small Koi Pond Ideas

You don't need a lot of space to have an impressive koi pond! A small pond can be just as beautiful and relaxing as its larger counterparts.

If your yard is on the smaller side or if you live in an apartment with limited outdoor space, here are some cool small backyard koi pond ideas.

tip Tip

If you live in a colder climate, be sure your small koi pond is deep enough that it doesn't freeze over. Read How Deep Does a Koi Pond Need to Be? for more information and some important tips.

Large Koi Pond Ideas

But what if you have the space to create a large outdoor water oasis?

Then these ideas might be perfect for you. With their larger size and unique features, your koi pond will become an impressive feature in any backyard!

Plus, I'm sure your koi fish will appreciate the extra room to swim.

Koi Pond Ideas With Bridge

A bridge can be a beautiful addition to your koi pond.

Not only do they stand out and make any koi pond genuinely unique, but they also offer a way to view your pond and connect with your fish that you just can't do without one.

And remember, a bridge doesn't have to be long and fancy. A simple stone slab across a small portion of your pond can give you the effect you're after.

Above Ground Koi Pond Ideas

Above-ground koi ponds are a great option if you're tight on space or simply can't or don't want to dig into the ground (which can often require special permits).

Plus, many types of raised koi ponds can be easily installed, relocated, or removed.

They are also a great way to add style and flair to a backyard patio or porch.

Koi Pond
verdell galeana / Shutterstock.com
Koi Pond
verdell galeana / Shutterstock.com

Indoor Koi Pond Ideas

Koi ponds aren't only limited to backyards. They also make for a great addition to your indoor space.

Whether you want an outdoor-style water feature with real koi fish in the comfort of your home or are simply looking for some unique interior decor, these ideas will help get you started on creating an impressive and relaxing indoor pond that everyone can enjoy!

Modern Koi Pond Ideas

If you're looking to create a modern koi pond, then these ideas will inspire your design.

Creating an indoor or outdoor water feature that looks just as stylish as relaxing can be challenging but not impossible!

These koi pond designs with sleek, clean lines will double as a tranquil, zen garden pond and a piece of modern outdoor décor!

Koi Pond
verdell galeana / Shutterstock.com

Tropical Koi Pond Ideas

Can't get enough of tropical style? Then you'll love these amazing koi pond ideas.

With lush vegetation surrounding your pond, these ideas are perfect for anyone who wants their outdoor oasis to feel like an exotic escape!

So, if you long for a warm-weather destination filled with palm trees and exotic fish, then this might be precisely what you're looking for in your own pond!

Whether you plan to build a DIY koi pond or hire a contractor to build a pond for you, hopefully, we helped provide the inspiration you need to construct the pond of your dreams!

And keep in mind, just as important as the type of koi pond you build are the types of koi fish you intend to add to the pond and learning to care for them properly. Be sure to check out our Koi Fish Guides for important care instructions, tips, and much more!

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Should a Koi Pond Be in Sun or Shade?

Shaded areas provide better conditions for koi ponds than full sunshine. That's not to say a full sun location won't work. However, a shady location may help slow down algae growth and prevent the pond water from becoming too hot throughout the summer months.

How Much Does It Cost to Put a Koi Pond In?

According to Homeadvisor.com, the average 6 x 8 ft koi pond will cost roughly $11,000. With that said, a cheap, small koi pond may only cost $400, while a large custom pond with lots of features and landscaping can cost $25,000 and up.

What Do You Put Around a Koi Pond?

The most used edging materials for outdoor, inground ponds are natural pebbles, rocks, stones, and aquatic plants. Small stones, pebbles, and emergent pond plants are good for disguising the pond liner and blending the pond into its surroundings.

Some custom-designed ponds feature wood decking that goes right up to the edge of the pond. Raised or above-ground ponds might feature brick or paver walls, with some even featuring a glass window into the side of the pond.

Check out these pond edging ideas for more inspiration.